Swimming Pool Excavation Specialist


Cave-in before and after 

Pool Demolition / removal / Pool Fill-in:


Sometimes the best things in life can turn into a nightmare and having a pool can be one of them . Here at Rick's we offer a wide variety of pool tearout solutions to fit your budget . A complete tearout /pool demo is on video to your left to see what happens and what you can expect . Complete, we get all permits  take your fence down disconnect gas and electric with certified expert professionals .We then bust up the entire pool and haul every bit of the concrete and rebar off. After this process we start bringing in natural fill from your local area .Once the pool start to fill up we pack the fill and roll it to compress the dirt . At the end of the pool we bring in loam to top off the yard restoring your beautiful backyard for everyday use . The starting price on a complete tear out and fill in starts at about 5k to 15k depending on location how big the pool is , how much deck , ease of access .

At Rick's Excavation we do contract work, residential, and commercial!


A cheaper aspect of getting rid of your pool is a cave in . As we do not recommend doing this , it is a viable aspect and lower cost on demo'ing your pool . A cave in we knock the bottom out of your pool and bust up the side walls and cave all the concrete into the pool . The walls will be busted down 2 ft so after we fill the pool back in you will still have a backyard you can plant trees or garden or do whatever . Although the pool will be under the ground and if you ever decide to sell your home it would be disclosed that a pool is buried there . If the future home owner decides to rebuild a pool the you have just doubled the cost of them getting a pool . All things that need to be in consideration before making a decision . But again it all depends on your budget .